Second Sight Audio is the home of Emmy-nominated sound editor/mixer Ken McGill.  Originally from Texas, Ken pursued his musical studies at the University of North Texas, traveled the globe as a performing musician, and has even played next to the King of Thailand himself!

With prior experience as a sound designer, effects editor or mixer on everything from Sundance award-winning documentaries, feature films, national advertising campaigns, award-winning  game trailers and thousands of hours of network programming, rest assured your project is in great hands!


“When I hire Ken to mix or sound design, I am sure the result will be tasteful, executed at the highest level, and delivered on time. He has a great attitude and is easy to work with. Ken is great at talking through projects and understanding changes that creep up. He is my go-to for sound design or mixing”
Joe Johnson – Owner/FNY NY – www.fnh.mx

“I’ve worked with Ken on numerous network promos and full-length reversions. He handles every job with a high level of professionalism. He is easy to work with and his work is always spot on. When I hand my project over to him for sound design and mix I always know it’s in good hands”

Monesha Lever – Writer/Producer/ImageFactory DC

“Ken raised the bar when he joined us. His enthusiasm and team spirit were infectious. He always did 150%, both in preparation, and on the job. His arrangements were both innovative and exciting, and the same goes for his musicianship.  I can’t stress enough what a team player Ken is, and a great person as well. He would be a huge asset to any company and will be sorely missed”

Bennett Scher – Nightsong Band/Entertainment Exchange

“I can safely say that I would not be in the position I am in today were it not for Ken and consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to call him my mentor. His meticulous and thoughtful approach to every project has been a consistent source of creative inspiration at Defacto Sound. He possesses a deep and thorough understanding of not only the vast array of technical aspects relating to audio post production, but of many abstract concepts like mixing theories and sound design methodologies as well. On top of all of his knowledge and years of experience, Ken’s constant thirst for learning and humble personality make him a pleasure to work alongside.”

Justin Hollis – Sound Designer/Hexany Audio

“I had the pleasure of learning from and working with Ken at Defacto Sound. He is one of the most purely talented engineers I know. Ken has a gift of combining creative and extremely polished sound design into pristine mixes throughout a variety of mediums. His selfless work ethic has helped him develop an uncanny sensitivity to the client’s needs. Even the tightest deadlines do not compromise his ability to deliver the highest professional standards in audio. I have many fond memories of taking an early lunch as an apprentice to watch over his shoulder as he reigned in perfect mixes with lightning speed. Ken’s achievements and work are an inspiration and have helped shape me as a sound designer. I can’t recommend or endorse Ken’s skills enough”

Brian Johnson – Sound Designer/Raven Software

“Ken was a valued colleague of mine during my time at Defacto Sound. Although Ken is a seasoned professional with a plethora of experience under his belt, he isn’t happy to simply coast. Instead, he actively pursues continual learning and is always pushing the envelope with his work. Additionally, he is extremely efficient and trustworthy, and is a great source for creative and technical ideas for sound design and mixing. Ken also inspires those around him with his hard work and passion for his craft”
Brett Ardiel – Sound Designer